Top 5 Luxurious Private Jets on SimpleCharters

While there is no doubting the benefits of flying charter: saved time, flexibility, safety, access to over 7,000 airports and the list goes on, what is never forgotten is the opulent luxury aboard charter jets.  Below are five of our favorite aircraft, all available through SimpleCharters.

Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream Aerospace produces some of the top corporate jets available, known both for their impressive performance as well as their beautifully outfitted interiors.

 N88D is operated by our partner, Solarius Aviation and is based in Opa Locka, Florida.

With seating for 14 passengers and a cabin that is 50 feet long, 7.3 feet wide and over six feet tall, with a fully enclosed lavatory, there is ample room to work, hold meetings or relax and dine.  This aircraft has some of the most up-to-date technology onboard, including WIFI, CD/DVD with a 32” television and iridium satellite phone so you will be sure to be connected and entertained.  What’s more, the entertainment system also has the Airshow moving map, letting you follow your progress along the way.  The two couches in the aft section can be converted to beds for overnight flights.  Finally, the full-service galley is fully stocked, so your  cabin attendant can prepare complete meals or snacks and drinks.

Boeing Business Jet-BBJ 737

Boeing Aircraft, who make many of the commercial airliners we travel on, also offer their aircraft in a corporate configuration with global range, such as N8767 pictured below.

The Avjet Boeing Business Jet is available through SImpleCharters.

When it comes to flying in absolute luxury with seemingly unlimited space, there are few better options than the Boeing Business Jet 737-7EG. The BBJ is the executive version of the best-selling airliner in the history of aviation, the Boeing 737, which is used by nearly every airline in the U.S. Operated by Avjet and available through SimpleCharters, N8767 is truly one of the largest and most luxurious charter aircraft in the world and can comfortably make it non-stop to Europe from the U.S.

This aircraft has over 500 cubic feet available for baggage, a huge galley and three lavatories. There is a master bedroom with a queen size bed where passengers can get a full night’s sleep. A complete meeting room is also available that can be converted to a second bedroom on overnight trips. In the spacious dining and meeting area enjoy full-course meals, prepared in the galley by a dedicated cabin attendant or conduct meetings or make conference calls. Further, the BBJ also has private offices that are perfect for either work or relaxation. What this all means is that upon arrival at their destination, guests will be rested and ready to work or play.

 Beechcraft King Air 350i

Beechcraft have been turning out the King Air since 1964 and the 350i is their most up-to-date model.

Based in Hayward, CA, the King Air 350i is perfect for West Coast trips. Based in Hayward, CA, the King Air 350i is perfect for West Coast trips.


While it is most common that when one thinks of private travel luxurious jet aircraft come to mind, the same comfort and luxury can be experienced aboard one of the turboprops available through SimpleCharters. While turboprop aircraft may arrive at their destination slightly after their jet counterparts, there are many advantages such as a level of versatility and comfort not found at similar costs. Further, they can carry more people in a roomier cabin than aircraft in the VLJ – Very Light Jet class of aircraft.

Our partner, Solairus Aviation, operate the Beechcraft King Air 350i, which, along with great flight performance, has amenities normally only seen in larger jet aircraft. Onboard WIFI lets guests continue to be both productive and entertained en-route, while the min-galley provides light meals, snacks and refreshments.

The Flexcabin system allows the seats to be configured for a work, club seating arrangement or one more suited for rest and relaxation. A DVD player with five monitors throughout the cabin also includes a moving map so one may track the progress of their flight or enjoy movies and television shows. Finally, there is no reason for guests to be out of touch because this aircraft has text and talk capabilities. If a high-performance aircraft with amazing capabilities along with amazing luxury and comfort, look no further than the King Air 350i, instantly bookable through SimpleCharters.

Bombardier Challenger CL-604

The Challenger 604 from Canada's Bombardier is the has the widest cabin in its class and intercontinental range.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 6.12.15 PM The 6'2" cabin is the tallest in its class.


Built by Bombardier, the Challenger Series of aircraft was so successful that the design was eventually modified into one of the most regional airliners in the world. What this means is that in its corporate configuration, there is an incredible amount of room to work or stretch out and relax. What is most noticeable when stepping aboard the CL-405 is just how roomy and spacious the cabin is. Coming in with a width of 8’3”, the CL-604 is by far the widest in its class and at 6’2” tall, it is nearly the tallest as well. Available on SimpleCharters and operated by Dreamline Aviation, Challenger 604 is a perfect example of space, comfort and luxury.

With seating for up to 12 passengers and the ability to convert to sleeping accommodations for three, having enough to room will not be an issue. This aircraft has four seats in the front of the cabin in a club configuration, perfect for meeting or socializing. In the aft section, a conference table for four can be used both for meeting and dining. On the subject of dining, the CL-604 has a galley up front that can be used for meal, drink and snack preparation. Next to the meeting and dining area is a four-seat divan, perfect for relaxing.

To stay entertained, the CL-604 has a full CD/DVD system along with flat screen monitors and a moving map. Finally, The fully enclosed lavatory in the back provides complete privacy.

Dassault Falcon 2000FX

Produced in France by Dassault, the Falcon 2000 combines performance and luxury in a spacious cabin.

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is beautiful both inside and out. The Dassault Falcon 2000 is beautiful both inside and out.

Whether the purpose of your trip is business, pleasure or both, you can rest assured that with simpleCharters, getting there will be productive and relaxing. For more information, we've put together detailed comparison on private jet programs.

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