Official Update: COVID-19 Impact on Private Aviation

Our safety team has been monitoring the situation as impacts on commercial air travel continue to have widespread effects on travel and commerce.

While airlines are experiencing significant effects, private aviation is broadly unaffected. The response seen with commercial airlines is primarily caused by passenger fears and the resulting drop in demand.

Any risks associated with the spread of the coronavirus is due to the density of passengers within terminals and aircraft and frequency of international travelers from affected regions.

What we're monitoring

We're speaking with our partners, pilots, operational crews, and monitoring the guidelines set by the CDC. We'll update this post as needed, should new information become available. 

Potential impacts to the FBOs

It's important to practice proper hygiene when in the public spaces, such as the FBO, lounge, etc. Again, we've yet to hear about any significant impacts aside from mild precautions being taken by our FBO partners and associates. 

Traveling internationally

We're working with our partners to monitor any international travel to affected countries, guidelines and restrictions associated with each. Any federal restrictions between international countries will affect private aviation flights. Please plan accordingly if you anticipate such restrictions. 

Pricing and availability of private jets

Our technology is continuously monitoring the availability and positioning of aircraft around the globe but we're not seeing a significant impact to availability at this time. We have, however, seen evidence of price gouging by a small number of unscrupulous actors. Overall, the market has reacted rational and everyone continues to work together to ensure passenger safety, comfort, and convenience. 

At SimpleCharters...

We're opening up additional Flash Prices while availability permits. Flash Prices can be booked directly within the search results. 

As always, flights can be booked online without having to speak with our sales team. 

If you have any questions, please contact your flight advisor. For any additional questions our contact info is as follows:

Phone: +1 (888) 966-0863


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