Private jet hire: What you need to know

Before you hire your next private jet, there's certain things you need to know in order to make an informed decision. In this diverse industry, comparing numbers isn't always apples-to-apples. We've broken it down for you here.


Private Jet Quality

To start with, make sure you know who you're hiring. We recommend all clients utilize only operators that have been thoroughly vetted by third-party safety auditing firms such as our partner ARGUS International. In fact, the only aircraft on SimpleCharters have passed the strict ARGUS due diligence.

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ARGUS conducts a detailed historical analysis of every facet of the charter operator in question, so before you hire a private jet operator you know exactly what you're getting. ARGUS compiles a detailed historical safety analysis, operating procedures, maintenance records, and thorough background checks on all of the pilots.

Your next private jet hire, if booked with an ARGUS rated operator, will be among the safest in the industry.



Private Jet Cost

Beyond safety, cost is typically the biggest factor for our clients. Ensuring you are comparing private jet quotes directly will make the whole process easier.

Sometimes quotes may actually be "estimates" and you'll be invoiced after the flight, often with additional landing/handling fees, etc.

Be sure to double check that you're comparing apples to apples with all of your quotes.

We've put together a detailed breakdown of private jet quotes to help.

Private jets on snowy ramp


Private Jet Sizes/Classes

Many first time flyers are surprised at the size difference between the various private jet classes. If you're looking for specific amenities, comfort, size, etc. make sure you pay special attention to the size of the private jet.

Additionally, many quotes may simply utilize the exact model of the aircraft being quoted, such as Citation I or CE-500 leaving it up to you to understand what size aircraft that is.


The most visually different in photos will be turboprops. They're as safe and reliable as jets, but utilize a turbine with propeller for thrust. Don't assume these are lesser quality than others!

Light Jets

Light jets offer cost-effective short range and regional travel, with adequate room for typically 6 passengers.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets are an excellent compromise for short range and regional travel with about 8 passengers.

Supermid Jets

Supermids are the first category that can comfortably make nonstop transcontinental trips. They offer similar to large cabin range with often stunning performance. In fact, the fastest private jet on the market is a supermid: the Citation X.

Large Cabin Jets

The largest in the market, with the exception of reconfigured airliners, are the ideal choice for spacious domestic and international travel.


Private Jet Refund Policy

Lastly, one major factor to consider is the refund policy of the company you're booking. Many companies do not offer a refund, while others will impose a (often significant) charge to be canceled.

Does the refund policy differ due to holiday or peak-period days? 

The industry standard is 100% money-back guarantee with more than 48 hours notice during non-holiday times.

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