Private Jet Range Comparison: How far can a private jet fly?

It's a common question we receive... can I make that flight nonstop?

In the private aviation world, it's all about efficiency and saving time. So instead of spending an entire day traveling, private jets enable you to get in and out of your destination as quickly as you need to.

What's better is you can get direct to your destination rather than worrying about connecting flights, poor schedules, or ground transportation. There are over 5,000 different airports and thousands of heliports in the US alone, compared to about 600 serviced by the airlines.

So if you can fly direct, can you fly nonstop?

It entirely depends on the aircraft you've booked for your flight. Check out the following table for average private jet ranges.

Aircraft Type Maximum Range Maximum Flight Time
Piston Aircraft < 1000 miles 5 hours
Turboprop 1000-1500 miles 4-5 hours
Light Jet 1000-1800 miles 5 hours
Midsize Jet 2000-3000 miles 6 hours
Supermid Jet 3000-4000 miles 7 hours
Large Cabin Jet 4000+ miles 10+ hours


The situation is complicated with winds, overwater equipment requirements, and the weight of passengers and cargo, but for the sake of discussion these hold true.

Looking to learn what the difference between the costs of each of these jets? We've put together a private jet comparison page to help!

How long do private jet fuel stops take? 

On average a fuel stop will only take about 30 minutes, giving you an opportunity to stretch your legs, use the facilities, or catch up on texts & calls (if your aircraft doesn't have wifi). Don't worry too much about a flight with a fuel stop, it's nothing compared to an airline connection.

What's the longest range business jet?


Currently, the longest range business jet available is the Gulfstream G650ER with a range of 7,500 nautical miles/13,890 kilometers at Mach 0.85. The G650ER is in a class of its own when it comes to performance, comfortably sitting up to 19, sleeping 10, and capable of cruising at at Mach 0.925-- just below the speed of sound.

Choosing the ideal private jet for your next charter flight

Check out our comparison on how to choose the ideal private jet for your flight that includes a detailed breakdown of each type, amenities, and more. 

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