Rockwell Collins FOS Integration

SimpleCharters supports all major scheduling software companies, including Rockwell Collins FOS. Syncing FOS with SimpleCharters is a necessary step in listing your fleet on the platform, ensuring that clients can only book your aircraft when available.

The Rockwell Collins FOS integration is a standalone plugin developed by SimpleCharters to be a performant, real-time data interface. The plugin connects securely with the SimpleCharters API to keep your account in sync.

Once installed, your availability data will be visible within your SimpleCharters dashboard. Our availability and pricing engine, powered by AI, will ensure all flights booked are truly available on your aircraft. Learn more about our technology at SimpleCharters

Setting up your integration

To get started with the SimpleCharters FOS integration, simply contact your account manager for installation instructions.

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Charles Denault

Charles Denault

Founder & CEO, SimpleCharters