Top Vacation Destinations for Summer 2016

Summer is a great time to get out and see all that the United States has to offer. Most places in the U.S. are in full tourist mode, so you will have access to shops and landmarks that you may not be able to experience at other times of year. The natural flora in most places is in full bloom throughout the summer months, too, so anywhere you go will be a dazzling display of nature’s best artwork. When you have vacation time to use this summer, check out one or more of these great destinations.

Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas won TripAdvisor’s top spot for the best vacation destination of summer 2016. Las Vegas is known as a gambler’s haven, but is replete with plenty of concerts, shows, and activities to satisfy your every vacation desire. You can stay at the world famous Caesar’s Palace or book a luxury home for the extent of your vacation stay. Las Vegas is an oasis in the desert and both the natural scenery and the architecture create a stunning backdrop to your vacation.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


Hampton Beach is a local gem that has risen to a little fame this year, as it has been nominated for Best Boardwalk in the U.S. as part of U.S.A Today’s 10 Best travel awards contests. The beach is set along a classically New England strip, with a casino, concert venues, and plenty of shops and restaurants ranging from basic to luxury. On June 15th, the beach will come to life with the Sand Sculpting competition, drawing artists from around the world that wish to showcase their skills.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Myrtle Beach offers 60 miles of beaches with soft sand and warm waters throughout the summer months. Whether you delight in viewing historical attractions, you love to hike through nature, or you prefer the thrill of nightlife, Myrtle Beach will elevate the quality of your summer break. Throughout the summer months, Myrtle Beach features some of the nation’s best food events and festivals. The Carolina Country Music Fest also takes place June 10-12th.

San Francisco, California


San Francisco consistently wins awards as one of the top places to visit in the world and has many things to offer summer travelers. The Golden Gate Bridge is a site like no other and the Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-see if you have not previously been. The Japanese Tea Garden offers a unique place to relax off the beaten path of touristy sites. Of course, the San Francisco Bay and Napa Valley also offer their own brand of luxury relaxation.

Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. is the perfect place to go if your idea of a wonderful vacation includes exploring many historical monuments and participating in cultural events. Even most of the hotels are historical and the festivals taking place through the summer have a cultural focus. Summer in D.C. also brings the beautiful blooms out and warms the air, so there are plenty of opportunities for natural site seeing if that is your preference. Our nation’s capital offers incredible sites that will make your summer vacation one of a kind.

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