What size private jet do I need for my charter flight?

At a fundamental level, there are two considerations you need to make to decide what size private jet you need for your next flight: Duration and Passengers.

Of course it's more involved than that, but that's the basis of the determination.

Are you looking for nonstop private flights?

While nonstop flights are possible to nearly any destination on Earth given the right aircraft, in reality it's a lot more complicated. To fly nonstop coast-to-coast, the aircraft must be able to carry enough fuel to cover 2,500+ miles at its long range cruise speed. For smaller private aircraft, such as a Turboprop, Light Jet, or even Midsize Jets, it's simply not possible-- you'll need a Super-Midsize or larger.

But keep in mind that nonstop flights are not as much of an inconvenience as you might think. Most fuel stops are completed in less than 30 minutes-- a perfect chance to stretch your legs.

If you're looking at short-leg flights

On the other end of the spectrum, it's significantly more inefficient to use a larger aircraft for a short flight (generally speaking, under an hour). Many aircraft owners will not permit a trip on a large cabin jet for a ~30 minute flight. 

Additionally most large cabin jets require significantly more runway than their smaller counterparts, reducing the amount of airports accessible to you. 

The balance is found in utilizing the Midsize and smaller aircraft, especially turboprops, for these trips.

How many passengers will be flying? 

Most importantly, you need an aircraft that will comfortably accommodate all of your passengers. In general you'll be able to refer to the following guidelines:

  • Turboprop: 4-6 passengers
  • Very Light Jet: 2-4 passengers
  • Light Jet: 4-6 passengers
  • Midsize Jet: 6-8 passengers
  • Super-Midsize Jet: 6-10 passengers
  • Large Cabin Jet: 8-18 passengers

For group charter flights, you can book aircraft configured in airline style seating:

  • Turboprop Airliner: Up to 19 passengers
  • Regional Airliner: Up to 30 passengers
  • Airliner: 60-150+ passengers

Making the choice

Whether you're booking with SimpleCharters (which will show you exactly the aircraft available for your itinerary) or through another provider, you'll know exactly what to look for and the differences in each. For a more detailed look at comparing private jet providers, we've put together a detailed private jet comparison page. 

If you're still needing more information, please schedule a free consultation with a private flight advisor to discuss in detail.

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Charles Denault

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